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This article present a list of the available command on a HP-UX EFI Shell session.

Found in all Menus[edit]

info boot Boot from specified path
help <command> Display help for specified command or menu
reset Reset the server (to allow reconfiguration of complex
exit Return to the main menu

Boot Commands[edit]

autoboot Display or set the auto start flag
bcfg Search for boot devices
boottest Set/view BootTest bits.
dbprofile Display/modify direct boot profiles for use by lanboot'.
lanboot Boot over the LAN.
reconfigreset Reset the system (nPartition) for reconfiguration; the nPartition remains inactive, in the shutdown for reconfig state.
reset Reset the system (nPartition).
search Connect drivers for bootables devices.

Configuration Commands[edit]

acpiconfig Set/view ACPI configuration mode.
cellconfig Deconfigure/reconfigure cells. (Set cell use-on-next-boot values.)
cpuconfig Deconfigure/reconfigure processors and processor cores..
date Display the current date or set the date of the system (nPartition).
dimmconfig Deconfigure/reconfigure memory (DIMMs).
err Display/change the error level.
errdump View/clear logs.
fru View FRU data.
info Display hardware information.
monarch Set/view a monarch processor.
palproc Make a PAL call.
romdrivers Enable/disable PCI expansion ROM drivers.
rootcell Set/view preferred root cells. (Set nPartition core cell choices.)
salproc Make a SAL call.
tftp Performs TFTP operation to a bootp/DHCP enabled Unix boot server.
time Display the current time or set the time of the system (nPartition). EFI time is set and presented in GMT (Greenwich mean time).
variable Save/restore specific EFI variables.
ver Display the version information.

Filesystem Commands[edit]

baud View serial port com settings.
connect Bind a driver to a device.
dblk Hex dump of BlkIo devices.
devices Display devices managed by EFI drivers.
devtree Display tree of devices.
dh Dump handle info.
disconnect Disconnect driver(s) from device(s).
drivers Display list of drivers.
drvcfg Invoke the Driver Config Protocol.
drvdiag Invoke the Driver Diagnostics Protocol.
guid Dump known GUID IDs.
lanaddress Display MAC address.
load Load EFI drivers.
map Map shortname to device path.
openinfo Display the open protocols for given handle.
pci Display PCI devices or PCI function configuration space.
reconnect Reconnect driver(s) from a device.
unload Unload a protocol image.

Filesystem Commands[edit]

attrib Display/change the attributes of files/directories.
cd Update/view the current directory.
comp Compare the contents of two files.
cp Copy one or more files/directories to another location.
edit Edit an ASCII or UNICODE file in full screen.
eficompress Compress infile and write to outfile.
efidecompress Decompress infile and write to outfile.
hexedit Edit a file, block device, or memory region using hex.
ls Display a list of files and subdirectories in a directory.
mkdir Create one or more directories.
mount Mount a filesystem on a block device.
rm Delete one or more files/directories.
setsize Set the size of a file.
touch Update time of file/directory with current time.
type Display the contents of a file.
vol Display volume information of the file system.

Memory Commands[edit]

default Set the default NVRAM values.
dmem Dump memory or memory mapped IO.
dmpstore Display all EFI variables.
memmap Display the memory map.
mm Display/modify MEM/IO/PCI.
pdt View/clear nPartition or cell memory page deallocation table (PDT).

Shell Navigation and Other Commands[edit]

alias Set/get alias settings.
cls Clear the standard output with an optional background color.
exit Exit EFI Shell environment.
getmtc Display current monotonic counter value.
help or ? Display help.
mode Display the mode of the console output device.
set Set/Get environment variable.
xchar Turn on/off extended character features.

Shell Script Commands | Programming Constructs[edit]

echo Echo message to stdout or toggle script echo.
else Script-only: Use with IF THEN.
endfor Script-only: Delimiter for FOR loop construct.
endif Script-only: Delimiter for IF THEN construct.
for Script-only: Loop construct.
goto Script-only: Jump to label location in script.
if Script-only: IF THEN construct.
input Take user input and place in EFI variable.
pause Script-only: Prompt to quit or continue.
stall Stall the processor for some microseconds.