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Current Equipment

HP 9000 Servers and Workstations

  • 1x rp4440 server 2x800Mhz CPU(s) 2GB 2x36GB HDDs HP-UX 11.31
  • 1x B180L workstation 1x180Mhz CPU(s) 1x4GB HDD HPUX 11.11

External Storage

  • 1x DS2250 4x36GB HDDs

Request Equipment

HP Integrity Servers

  • 1x rx7640 8x1.6Mhz CPU(s) 32GB / 16 GB per Cell 4x146GB HDDs 2x SC44Ge SAS HBA and 2x Fibre Channel HBA 10U
  • 1x rx2660 -- CPU(s) 4 GB 2x73 GB HDDs 1x SC44Ge SAS HBA and 1x Fibre Channel HBA 2U

HP Integrity Blade

  • 1x C3000 Blade Enclosure
  • 2x BL860C with FC HBA
  • 1x BL870C with FC HBA
  • All amount to 6U

HP 9000 Servers

  • 1x rp7440 4x1.1Ghz CPU(s) 8GB / 4 GB per Cell 4x73GB HDDs
  • 1x rp3440 -- CPU(s) 4 GB 2x73 GB HDDs

External Storage

  • 1x StorageWorks MSA 60 6x300GB HDDs 2U
  • 1x StorageWorks MSA 1000 7x146 GB HDDs 4U
  • 1x DS2500 7 x 73 GB HDDs 2U

Space and Electrical Requirements

  • 2x Racks, 30 AMP each wit proper electric requirements