How to add user accounts on a trusted system

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Adding a new user to a Trusted System can be acomplished without using the System Administration Manager (SAM) interface or the web based System Management Homepage tool.

Add the user using the standard useradd command. After that, use the Trusted System modprpw command to set the required Trusted Mode settings.

1. Create the HP-UX user account.

# useradd -g users -d /home/test -m test

2. Establish the password aging.

# /usr/lbin/modprpw -l -m mintm=2,exptm=50,expwarn=2,lftm=100 test

3. Establish the user login approved time.

# /usr/lbin/modprpw -l -m timeod=Wk0800-1700 test

4. Finally, change the password age to 0.

# /usr/lbin/modprpw -l -v test