How to configure remote printing to a different tcp port

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This article explains how to configure HP-UX remote printing to use a different TCP port. The default port use by HPUX spooler when printing to network printers is 515.

# grep spooler /etc/services
printer      515/tcp  spooler        # remote print spooling


This procedure set a different remote printing tcp port. In this example tcp port 9100 will be use.

1. Edit the /etc/services printer service line and modify it to reflect the new tcp port.


printer      515/tcp  spooler        # remote print spooling


printer      9100/tcp  spooler        # remote print spooling

2. Re-read the inetd daemon configuration.

# inetd -c

3. Edit the configuration script for the printer /etc/lp/interface/<printer_name>. Search the xPORT= variable and set it to require tcp port.

For example:

xPORT="-p 9100"

4. Restart the spooler

# lpshut
# lpsched -v -a