How to contact Jetdirect Support

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The HP-UX Response Center don't not longer offer support for the Jetdirect (Jetadmin) Print Installer application. To recieve phone support on the United States and Canada, dial: 800-HP invent or 800-474-6836.

To verified the support path, use the following guide to check the correct support route on the HP Home website.

1. Open the HP Customer Care web page. Write "Jetdirect" on the Search Box. Click on the next buttom.

Hppi support 01.JPG

2. Select HP JD Printer Installer for HP-UX 11.x

Hppi support 02.JPG

3. Click on Contact Support to obtained the support channels available for the product.

Hppi support 03.JPG

4. Click on Call technical support after you buy .

Hppi support 04.JPG

5. Select the correct region: United States-English

Hppi support 05.JPG

6. Click on Technical support after you buy

Hppi support 06.JPG

7. Dial 800-HP invent or 800-474-6836

Hppi support 07.JPG