How to debug SDUX commands?

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Many times, if SD-UX is hanging in a particular function or for a variety of other reasons, SD-UX debug variables can be turned on to get more information added to the /var/adm/sw/sw*.log files.


# export SDU_DEBUG=1
# export SDU_DEBUG_TIMESTAMP=hour:minute:second:millisecond
# script -a /tmp/SDdebug.out

Perform the required SD-UX command.

# exit
# unset SDU_DEBUG

Analyze /tmp/SDdebug.out.

The variable SDU_DEBUG can have a value between 1 and 4:

  • Level 1: Trace entry to major function calls.
  • Level 2: Add trace of exit from major function calls.
  • Level 3: Add trace of some internals or variables in major function calls.
  • Level 4: Add tracing in functions that are called frequently.

Keep in mind that the SDU_DEBUG variables are neither officially supported nor documented, and their behavior may change without notice.