How to enable 64 bit sshd

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There is a 64-bit version of sshd that may be run on HP-UX instead of the default 32-bit version. In order to run this version, you must have HP-UX Secure Shell version A.04.20.007 or later installed on the system. Execute the following script in order to switch to the 64-bit version of sshd:

# /opt/ssh/ 

The execution of this script will produce the following output:

Note: You must have installed HP-UX Secure Shell version A.04.20.007 or above for the script to work  

Note: you are now about to change sshd operating mode  

This script switches the /usr/sbin/sshd link to 64-bit mode and vice-versa. 

Press [y] to continue or [n] to exit :y  <-- (Enter "y" here.) 

    current mode  : 64 bit 
    previous mode : 32 bit

Note: Administrators need to restart sshd (/usr/sbin/sshd) for the changes to take effect


As the output of the script states, sshd will need to be restarted in order for the change to the 64-bit version to take effect.

Executing this script "after" sshd has been changed to the 64-bit version will result in it being changed back to the 32-bit version after another subsequent restart of sshd.

This change will be reflected in the output of the script if it is executed again.