How to identified a SAS IR volume

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The following document clarifies the meaning of the "HP IR Volume" identification string on an "ioscan" output. Latest Integrity servers like the rx6600 supports Serial Attach SCSI (SAS) controllers. Those controllers can be configure to address each indiviual SAS disk as a individual device or in RAID 0 or 1 configuration. When configure as RAID volumes, the volumes recieve the identification string "HP IR Volume", were IR stands for Integrated Raid.

Using ioscan, is rather simple to determinate the SAS controller that provied access to the IR Volume, that will be always like "/dev/sasd#" above the disk output. For example:

# ioscan -fn 

Class        I  H/W Path        Driver         S/W State   H/W Type     Description
ba           5  0/4             lba              CLAIMED     BUS_NEXUS    Local PCI-X Bus Adapter (122e)
slot         4  0/4/1           pci_slot         CLAIMED     SLOT         PCI Slot
escsi_ctlr   0  0/4/1/0         sasd             CLAIMED     INTERFACE    HP  PCI/PCI-X SAS MPT Adapter
ext_bus      2  0/4/1/0.0.0     sasd_vbus        CLAIMED     INTERFACE    SAS Device Interface
target       9  0/4/1/   tgt              CLAIMED     DEVICE       
disk         2  0/4/1/             sdisk            CLAIMED     DEVICE       HP      IR Volume
                               /dev/dsk/c2t0d0     /dev/dsk/c2t0d0s2   /dev/rdsk/c2t0d0    /dev/rdsk/c2t0d0s2
                               /dev/dsk/c2t0d0s1   /dev/dsk/c2t0d0s3   /dev/rdsk/c2t0d0s1  /dev/rdsk/c2t0d0s3

To verified the configuration of the SAS controller and it's logical and physical devices, use the "sasmgr" command. For example:

# sasmgr get_info -D /dev/sasd0 -q lun=all -q lun_locate

RAID VOL ID is 7 : 
/dev/rdsk/c2t0d0          0/4/1/          

Physical disks in volume are :
        1     7     OFF           HP            DG072BB975         HPDA
        1     8     OFF           HP            DG072BB975         HPDA