How to install HP Jetdirect Printer Installer

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This article explains how to obtain and install HP JetDirect Printer installer on HP-UX Operating Environment.


  • Open
    • Software and Driver Downloads
    • Select the button control: Download drivers and software (and firmware)
    • Put the keywords: “printer installer” on the search box.
    • Click search.

Hpnpl search.png

  • Select HP JD Printer Installer for HP-UX 11.x, select HP-UX operating system and download the software bundle.

Hpnpl download.png

  • Download the package into a temporary directory.

Hpnpl save.png

  • Upload the installation package by ftp to a temporary directory on the HP-UX system, for example /var/tmp.
  • Log in to the system and install the software package.
# swinstall –s /var/tmp/HP11e134.SD \* @

=======  05/18/07 16:28:35 PDT  BEGIN swinstall SESSION
         (non-interactive) (jobid=yourhost-0004)

       * Session started for user "root@yourhost".

       * Beginning Selection
       * Target connection succeeded for "yourhost:/".
       * Source:                 /var/tmp/HP11e134.SD
       * Targets:                yourhost:/
       * Software selections:
       * Selection succeeded.

       * Beginning Analysis and Execution
       * Session selections have been saved in the file
       * The analysis phase succeeded for "yourhost:/".
       * The execution phase succeeded for "yourhost:/".
       * Analysis and Execution succeeded.

NOTE:    More information may be found in the agent logfile using the
         command "swjob -a log yourhost -0004 @ yourhost:/".

=======  05/18/07 16:28:44 PDT  END swinstall SESSION (non-interactive)

After the HPNPL installation, JetDirect administration commands like hppi and addqueue will become available to the system.