How to manually change ip address
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How to manually change ip address

To change a network card IP Address on the fly, you use ifconfig command to unplumb and plumb the network card.

# ifconfig lan# unplumb
# ifconfig lan# plumb
# ifconfig lan# <ip_address> netmask <netmask> up


# ifconfig lan0 unplumb
# ifconfig lan0 plumb
# ifconfig lan0 netmask up
# ifconfig lan0
        inet netmask fffffc00 broadcast

To make permanente changes, you can use "set_parms ip_address" to change the network configuration. Alternative, you can edit the network configuration files directly and restart the network.

-> /etc/rc.config.d/netconf

-> /etc/hosts

You restart the network configuration with the "net" configuration script.

# /sbin/init.d/net stop
# /sbin/init.d/net start
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