How to migrate network ports between vpars?
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How to migrate network ports between vpars?


  • vpartstatus shows for nlcssh02:
[IO Details]
   2.0.1  BOOT, ALTBOOT
   2.0.14  <--- this is the LBA (Logical Bus Adapter) for the Network
that you want to assign to nlcssh06

The 2.0 System Bus adapter alone is not assigned to any vpar, so nobody owns EVERYTHING that is underneath that path just for itself. The i/o devices under the SBA 2.0 are shared between the 2 vpars. As we can see in the I/O Details for nlcssh06 also:

[IO Details]
   2.0.12  <--- This is part of the 2.0 SBA, so is an indication of a

You should be able to remove the 2.0.14 IO resource from nlcssh02 and assign it to nlcssh06 with no problem. You need to work at the LBA level, so for example:

/cell/sba/lba, in this case would 2.0.14 === > Cell 2, SBA 0 and LBA 14.

If you check the ioscan for nlcssh02 you will see this, like the following:

cell        2  2               cell      CLAIMED     BUS_NEXUS    
ioa         1  2/0             sba       CLAIMED     BUS_NEXUS    System
Bus Adapter (804)
ba          9  2/0/14          lba       CLAIMED     BUS_NEXUS    Local
PCI Bus Adapter (782)
lan         3  2/0/14/0/0      igelan    CLAIMED     INTERFACE    HP
A6825-60101 PCI 1000Base-T Adapter

You would need to remove the resource from the nlcssh02 vpar and assign it to the nlcssh06:

# shutdown -hy 0   (nlcssh02)

Once nlcssh02 has shutdown run this from nlcssh06:

# vparmodify -p nlcssh02 -d io:2.0.14 
# vparboot -p nlcssh02

Once the nlcssh02 has booted check that the resource 2.0.14 has been freed by running:

# vparsatus -A 

If it shows in the list then shutdown nlcssh06:

# shutdown -hy 0 

Then, assign the resource to the nlcssh06 from the now running nlcssh02 vpar:

# vparmodify -p nlcssh06 -a io:2.0.14 
# vparboot -p nlcssh06

After it boots up completely make sure that the lan card shows up in the ioscan for nlcssh06, or in the IO Details of the vparstatus -v command for nlcssh06.


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