How to mount an ISO image file

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This article explains how to dump an ISO image on a HP-UX 11i Operating Environment into a Logical Volume and mount it.


1. Create a mount point

# mkdir /iso 

2. Create a new logical volume to have space for the image, for example /dev/vg01/lvolcd.

# lvcreate -n lvolcd -L 3096 /dev/vg01 

3. Dump the ISO image file, for example file.iso to the logical volume.

# dd if=isoimage of=/dev/vg01/rlvolcd bs=1024k

4. Mount the logical volume using the CDFS file system type, for example /iso.

# mount -F cdfs -o cdcase /dev/vg01/lvolcd /iso
NOTE: The -F cdfs option indicates this is the CDFS file system type. The -o cdcase option suppresses the display of version numbers and the semicolon and converts file names to lower case

5. Check the file system under the mount point.

# ll /iso
NOTE: Do not use loopback psf_mount command since is obsolete on HP-UX 11i.