How to perform a network trace

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1) In order to run the trace you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Begin LAN Tracing to a Raw Trace File:

# nettl -tn all -e ns_ls_ip -mem 1024 -tracemax 99999 -f /tmp/raw0 

This will trace packets in, packets out, and loopback packets at the IP

Layer (ns_ls_ip).


Step 2: Reproduce the Network "Event" or Error Condition


Step 3: Stop Tracing to the Raw Trace File As Soon As Possible

# nettl -tf -e all 


1. Start the trace on the NFS client and server systems:

# nettl  -tn  pduin  pduout  -e  ns_ls_ip  -tm  99999  -f  /tmp/raw0

2. Quickly execute a command that will hang on the NFS client.

3. Quickly stop the trace on both systems (once the command hangs):

# nettl  -tf -e all