How to perform a patch assessment using SWAINV and Software Assistance

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This article demostrates how to use ITRC swainv collection script and HP-UX Software Assistance to perform a system patch assessment. This procedure is particularly useful to asses a customer HP-UX 11i server without installing the complete Software Assistance product but with the ability to create comprensive reports.

Obtain the ITRC swainv script[edit]

1. Open ITRC upload system information page.

2. Click on the swainv link and Save target as... to your system.

Get swainv.jpg

Perform the patch assessment[edit]

# sh swainv
Copyright (c) Hewlett-Packard 2005-2006.  All rights reserved.

  ./swainv revision: 3.47

This script lists the patches, products, bundles, and filesets found
in a system or depot and packages the information in a file for transfer
to the ITRC or the Response Center.

       * Listing Filesets
       * Listing Products
       * Listing Bundles
       * Inventory written to ./inventory.xml

Notice were the inventory.xml file was saved.

Process the inventory.xml with Software Assistance[edit]

1. Use swa report -a "QPK CRIT" -s <inventory_source> to generate the assestment.

For example:

# swa report -a "QPK CRIT" -s /var/tmp/inventory.xml

=======  06/05/09 11:11:43 CST  BEGIN Report on Issues and New Software
         (user=root)  (jobid=delta)

       * Gathering Inventory
       * Using specified inventory file "/var/tmp/inventory.xml".
       * Getting Catalog of Recommended Actions and Software
       * Using existing local catalog file
       * Performing Analysis
       * Generating Reports
NOTE:    See HTML-formatted report "/root/.swa/report/swa_report.html"
                             Software Assistant
                                Action Report

Assessment Profile

Inventory Source
   Name: nrmdhpp2
   OS: HP-UX B.11.31
   Model: ia64 hp server rx6600
   Inventory File: /var/tmp/inventory.xml
   Inventory Date: 04 June 2009 14:17:08 GMT-06:00

Catalog Information
   Catalog File: /root/.swa/cache/swa_catalog.xml
   Catalog Date: 03 June 2009 19:16:36 GMT-06:00

Analysis Information
   Analysis File: /root/.swa/cache/swa_analysis.xml
   Analysis Date: 05 June 2009 11:11:53 GMT-06:00
   Ignore Files: /root/.swa/ignore
   Issues Ignored: 0

Selected Analyzers
   QPK: latest Quality Pack bundle
   CRIT: patches that fix critical issues

Recommended Actions

Patch Bundles

   The following bundles are recommended by HP. The patches delivered in these
   patch bundles might include fixes for patches not listed in this report. If
   you will not install the patch bundles listed here, rerun the
   analysis without the "QPK" analyzer and generate a new report to obtain
   a full list of patches.

   Bundle        Revision          Description
   ------        --------          -----------
   QPK1131       B.11.31.0903.334a  Quality Pack Depot for 11i v3, March 2009
      With bundle QPKAPPS revision B.11.31.0903.334a
      With bundle QPKBASE revision B.11.31.0903.334a


   See detail or html report for more links to patch details such as
   special installation instructions, patch quality rating, patch reboot,
   and other dependencies.

   Patch ID    Date        Description
   --------    ----        -----------
   PHCO_36666  2008-12-01  find(1) cumulative patch
   PHCO_37811  2008-11-24  logins(1M) cumulative patch
   PHCO_38062  2008-07-28  ioinit(1M) cumulative patch
   PHCO_38145  2008-09-13  Mass Storage CRA cumulative patch
   PHCO_38268  2008-08-29  cumulative SAM patch
   PHCO_38547  2008-12-11  ugm cumulative patch
   PHCO_38735  2008-12-10  sfd cumulative patch
   PHCO_38982  2009-01-18  syslogd(1M) cumulative patch
   PHKL_36389  2007-07-18  Firmware interface support for MCA recovery
   PHKL_36390  2007-07-18  Error record decoding support for MCA recovery
   PHKL_37920  2008-07-28  efi cumulative patch
   PHKL_38072  2008-07-28  perfmon cumulative patch
   PHKL_38396  2008-06-25  lofs cumulative patch
   PHKL_38604  2009-02-26  esctl cumulative patch
   PHKL_38612  2008-11-17  Fix for DNLC hang
   PHKL_38636  2008-09-10  WSIO subsystem cumulative patch
   PHKL_38713  2008-10-23  shutdown cumulative patch
   PHKL_38733  2008-12-10  dev_config cumulative patch
   PHKL_38750  2009-01-12  estape cumulative patch
   PHKL_38786  2009-02-26  GIO cumulative patch
   PHKL_38938  2009-02-26  SCSI cumulative I/O patch
   PHNE_38689  2008-12-18  LAN cumulative patch
   PHSS_37662  2008-02-15  rp4440/rp4410 PDC46.34/BMC04.06/MPE.03.32 FW
   PHSS_37780  2008-02-28  rx2620 System, BMC & iLO MP Firmware Patch
   PHSS_37895  2008-03-19  rx4640 System, BMC and MP Firmware Patch
   PHSS_37902  2008-07-31  FORTRAN I/O Library [libIO77]
   PHSS_38562  2008-10-03  HPUX System Fault Management Sep 2008
   PHSS_39067  2008-12-19  rx5670 System, BMC & iLO MP Firmware Patch
   PHSS_39122  2008-11-25  HP DCE 2.0 client cumulative patch
   PHSS_39484  2009-03-12  Serviceguard A.11.18.00

Manual Actions

   See detail or html report for more information on each action.
   The following Detection Confidence (DC) levels are used:
     D - Detection confidence is "definite" and based on specific revisions
         of installed software.
     R - Detection confidence is "relevant" and based on installed software
         but can not determine if action has been taken.
     U - Detection confidence is "unknown" and based only on operating
         system version.

   Issue     DC  Date        Description
   -----     --  ----        -----------


   swa "issue", "detail", and "html" reports, swa-report(1m).

=======  06/05/09 11:12:01 CST  END Report on Issues and New Software
         succeeded. (user=root)  (jobid=delta)

NOTE:    More information may be found in the Software Assistant logfile

2. Review the HTML-formatted report /root/.swa/report/swa_report.html.