How to rebuild the /var/opt/wbem/repository directory for WBEM Services?

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The repository files located in

/var/opt/wbem/repository/ for HP-UX and /var/cache/pegasus/repository/ for Linux

are created as a by-product of the HP WBEM Services installation. They should never be deleted or moved.

Four namespaces install with HP WBEM Services. Others may be added by clients and providers. The four that are automatically installed are:

root: The root namespace exists to conforms to the DMTF specifications.

root/cimv2: The standard CIM schemas go here. Also, the schemas for the bundled providers.

root/PG_Interop: This is for provider registration. This space is reserved exclusively for providers, and all providers must register here. (See cimprovider man page.)

root/PG_Internal: This space is reserved for use by HP WBEM Services only.

It is important to schedule frequent backups of the repository directories and files. If the repository is moved or lost or it becomes corrupted, restore the files you backed up.

If you cannot restore the files, the init_repository script will restore the files to the way they were when you first installed HP WBEM Services. The three providers that installed with HP WBEM Services will be intact. However, any managed objects, providers, or namespaces that you added since you first installed HP WBEM Services will be gone. You will need to re-register (perhaps reinstall) all the added providers.

To run the script, enter the following commands:

  • Shut down the CIM Server.
# cimserver -s 
  • Move the repository directory.
# mv /var/opt/wbem/repository /var/opt/wbem/repository.bak
  • Start the CIM Server.
# cimserver
  • Run the init_repository script.
# /opt/wbem/sbin/init_repository