How to reset the root password

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Boot in Single User Mode[edit]

HP 9000[edit]

1. Initiate the boot sequence

# shutdown -ry 0

2. Interrupt the PDC boot sequence.


3. Boot the system in single user mode interacting with the IPL.

bo pri
Choose the boot disk:
Interact with IPL? y
ISL> hpux -is


1. Initiate the boot sequence:

# shutdown -ry 0

2. Interrupt the EFI boot manager autoboot.

EFI Boot Manager ver 1.10 (14.60] Firmware ver 1.61 [4241]

3. Select to boot from the Primary Boot. Don't let that the autoboot time out!

EFI Boot Manager ver 1.10 (14.60] Firmware ver 1.61 [4241]
Please select a boot option
   HP-UX Primary Boot
   HP-UX Alternate Boot
   EFI Shell [Built-in]

4. Interrupt the HPUX kernel loader when prompted.

HP-UX Boot Loader for IA64 Revision 1.61
Press Any Key to interrupt Autoboot
\EFI\HPUX\AUTO ===> boot vmunix
Seconds lefts till autoboot - 10 [Escape]
  Type 'help' for help

Instuct the system to boot in Single User mode at the HPUX> prompt:

HPUX> boot vmunix -is
NOTE: If the login prompt appears on the screen after booting in Single User mode, then the Require Login Upon Boot to Single-User State option was selected. Is required to:
  1. Use the recovery CD
  2. Mount the root file system
  3. Remove the password from the /etc/passwd file

Reset the root user password[edit]

1. When the server issue the single user command prompt. Change the password using /sbin/passwd command.

# /sbin/passwd root

2. If the system prompts you for the old password, that is because your system is running in Trusted Mode. Go back to the prompt and use the following procedure to reset the password in the Trust Database.

# fsck -F vxfs /usr
# mount /usr
# /usr/sam/lbin/usermod.sam -F -p "" root
# /sbin/passwd root

3. Reboot the server.

# shutdown -ry 0