How to restore factory software permission using SD-UX software catalog

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This article present command that will assist to recover the factory file user and group permissions of software installed using SD-UX software. This is required in the event that file permissions are changed manually using chown or chown command from the command line.

This is very handy when some novice with root types performs a chmod –R 770 /, which occurs more often that you may think. This will fix the OS to factory specs, though other mount points may still need to be fixed manually.

Simple approach[edit]

You can recover the permission of the SD-UX installed software using the swverify command.

Before using it, be aware that the vendor fix scripts executed by the swverify command can create or recreate missing directories, correct file modifications, (mode, owner, group, major, minor), and recreate symbolic links.

# swverify -x fix=true \*

Verbose approach[edit]

# swverify -v -x fix=true \*