How to run a patch assessment?

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This guide shows how to run a patch assessment[edit]

1. go to the and click on the link patch data base

   Patch assessment1.jpg

2. then find the "run a patch assessment" link

   Patch assessment2.jpg

3. On step 1 do a "upload new system information:"

   Patch assessment3.jpg

4. Inside the upload "new system information" , bring the script "swainv" to your server

   Patch assessment4.jpg

5. Run the "swainv" and then download the "inventory.xml" file that woukld be created on the same directory as "swainv"

   Patch assessment5.jpg

6. Use the Browse button on the step 3 of the page "upload new system information"

   Patch assessment6.jpg

7. Use the Summit button at the end of the page "upload new system information"

   Patch assessment7.jpg

8. Go back to "run a patch assessment" page and on step 2 select the option that best fit your needs

   Patch assessment8.jpg

9. Use the "display canditate patches" button at the end of the page on step 3

   Patch assessment9.jpg

10. Here you can see the list of recommended patches and you may also download them