How to search in SAW using profiles
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How to search in SAW using profiles


Current version of Service Access Workbench (SAW) has a feature that allows to use multiple product profiles (Context) in a single search .

HP-UX L1 and L2 teams are now being monitored on how efficiently we search SAW, and using product profiling is the key metrics used to measure that efficiency when we search.

NOTE: The following information is based on the previous work of Ronald Freeland. The following articles transfers the medium and adds information on how to excluded PDF documents from the search.


SAW search without product profile

The following is a search example of the following search string: lvm cross device link 11.31 using no product profile(s).


The query has returns 117 matches and 439987 entries were searched. Note that the first hit shows HP StorageWorks SAN, the next a Recovery Handbook.

Setup search profile

  • Click on leftmost Add button just after the Current Product: No Product selected.


  • Select "Software", "Operating Systems" and finally "Unix Operating Systems"


NOTE: All the three screens of this steps were not included, but your probably got the idea.

  • Click the Search tab at the top to return to the search window:


  • Note that the first product selection has Unix Operating Systems. Click the next Add button and this time go further with the selections: "Software", "Operating Systems", "Unix Operating Systems", "HP-UX Operating Systems". Then click "Return Selected Product".


  • Click the last Add button. Select: "Software", "Operating Systems", "Unix Operating Systems", "HP-UX Operating Systems", "HP-UX 11i v3". Then click "Return Selected Product"


  • Finally, to save this profile click on the Save As button and provided a name useful for you. On this example, HP-UX 11i v3 is use.



Search with the saved Profile

A saved profile can be used anytime on the future. Click the Go link.


Using this search only 71 matches are return by the query, and only 50155 will be scanned on the database. If you select the tabs,it will show you the matches under each product profile. The Unix Operating Systems tab will be the same as the All Results tab. But the HP-UX Operating Systems tab shows us only 60 matches. Likewise, HP-UX 11i v3 tab only returns 40 hits. As you can see this has the potential to greatly improves searching focusing on your supported product. You can create and save up to ten (10) of these profiles.

Set a Preferred Context

To set any search Profile as your default search profile clicking on Set as Preferred. Searching using a profile is consider mandatory to begining your search. Search without profile only after using other profiles you have already created.

Exclude PDF documents from the search profile

To exclude PDF documents from the search profile, expand the Modify Search Filters and bellow Document Type, select Support Information. To save this modified profile click on the Save As button and provided a name useful for you. On this example, HP-UX 11i v3 No PDF is use.


With this change, searchs using this profile will not included the PDF documents.




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