How to troubleshoot inetd daemon

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The "<service>: Unknown service" on /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log

# tail /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log

May 15 07:44:08 crrp4440 inetd[976]: Rereading configuration
May 15 07:44:09 crrp4440 inetd[976]: Configuration complete
May 15 07:47:57 crrp4440 inetd[976]: tftp/udp: Unknown service		<---	Check error
May 15 07:47:57 crrp4440 inetd[976]: instl_boots/udp: Unknown service	<---	Check error

Normally the "<service>: Unknown service" error message in syslog.log is provoque by corruption or missing entries on "/etc/services" file. Check /etc/services files for the services and determinate the current state.

# grep -e tftp -e instl_boots /etc/services
#tftp          69/udp                 # Trivial File Transfer Protocol
#instl_boots 1067/udp                 # installation bootstrap protocol server

To enable the services remove the comment "#" from both service entries and restart the inetd service.

# inetd -c