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If you want to add a new manual to the Administration Manuals Archive, you can use the integrated file upload tool. Currently file size is limited to 10 MB. If you need to upload larger files, just use a standard ftp client to upload file.

Use the Document Part Number to name the file to be uploaded, if not already named with that standard. That minimize the possibilities of file duplication. Provided older versions of the manuals is encourage. Many if not most of HP customer are using older versions of the software, and access to the state of the art at that time of the software release is rather important.

Upload the file

1. Right click on "Upload manuals" shortcut on the Navigation sidebar.

Click upload manuals.png

2. Provide the username "ftpwiki" and password "wiki".

Login upload manuals.png

3. Upload the required files.

Upload upload manuals.png

4. Logout from the tool

Create the link

[http://{{SERVERNAME}}/wiki/manuals/<uploaded_file> Document title]


[http://{{SERVERNAME}}/wiki/manuals/HP-UX_and_Windows_Security_Interoperability.pdf HP-UX and Windows™ security interoperability]

HP-UX and Windows™ security interoperability