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This sections covers is based on Chapter 1 of the Ignite-UX Administration Guide.


What is Ignite-UX ?
HP-UX 11i installation mechanism.
HP-UX 11i recommended Backup and Disaster Recovery Mechanism for the system bootable volume group(s).
  • Note: Ignite-UX is meant to backup the system bootable volume group, normally /dev/vg00 on LVM or /dev/vx/dgroot on VxVM. Backup data of application data is outside the scope of Ignite-UX, is not recommended and should be strongly discourage.


What are the Ignite-UX common usage scenarios?

  • Ignite-UX is the Mechanism use for the HP-UX 11i Operative System installation from:
  1. Core OS Installation CD/DVDs.
  2. Network based using Ignite-UX Server.
  3. Tape/CD/DVD/Network Golden Images
  • Backup and Disaster for the HP-UX 11i Operative System Recovery from:
  1. Tape recovery media
  2. CD/DVD Recovery media
  3. Network based media using an Ignite-UX Server

Obtaining IGNITE-UX[edit]

  • The latest version of Ignite-UX is C.7.6.100 (June 2008 Release).
  • Latest software is avaiable for download at http:/www.docs.hp.com/en/IUX/download.html
  • This release of Ignite-UX supports installation and backup of HP-UX 11i v1 (B.11.11), 11i v2 (B.11.23) and 11i v3 (B.11.31) clients.
  • Current Ignite-UX contains the fixes and enhancements from previous Ignite-UX releases. This ensures that the latest software is avaialble in one cohesive download.


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