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Integrity VM Support Policy



This article describes the HP Integrity Virtual Machine support policies. Beginning with Integrity VM Version 3.0, releases will be supported for a minimum of three years

Integrity VM Minimum Support Life

Starting in 2007, each release is supported for a minimum of three years.

Integrity Version VM Release Date Expected End of Support Date Current Status
A.01.00 December 2005 December 2007 Not supported
A.01.20 March 2006 March 2008 Not supported
A.02.00 December 2006 December 2008 Not supported
A.03.00 June 2007 June 2010 Supported
A.03.50 December 2007 December 2010 Supported
B.04.00 September 2008 September 2011 Supported
B.04.10 April 2009 April 2012 Supported

NOTE: Integrity VM is supported for the HP-UX 11i v2 VM Host until the end of support of HP-UX 11i v2.



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