Integrity boot tape support

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This document is still in developing phase.

Booting from a tape

HP Integrity servers will be released in the northern hemisphere summer of 2006 that support native tape boot. Some systems will also receive firmware updates that enable tape boot during that time period. However not all systems will receive firmware updates to enable tape boot. Also only some SCSI HBAs will be supported for tape boot.

For HP Integrity systems that do not support tape boot or those that do with tape drives connected to HBAs that do not support tape boot, Ignite-UX will still continue to support tape recovery support via a method called Tape Recovery with No Tape Boot Support, Dual-Media Recovery, or Two-Step Media Recovery. This method requires that a tape drive be connected to the client, that you boot the client from the HP-UX installation media, and that you choose options to continue installation or recovery from tape. For more information, refer to the “Tape Recovery with No Tape Boot Support - Two-Step Media Recovery” section of the Ignite-UX Administration Guide.

Section 1

  • Note: When executing any Itanium-based boot using the install kernels and file systems, the following errors will appear in the output:
execve("/sbin/sh") failed, errno 0xffffffff

execve("/bin/sh") failed, errno 0xffffffff
These errors are not indicative of any Ignite-UX problem and can be safely ignored. The failures occur because "/sbin/sh" and "/bin/sh "are not present on the system when the kernel is starting; Ignite-UX does not need them at this point. On a non-installation boot, the kernel would be attempting to run /sbin/pre_init_rc, a script.

Section 2

Section 3