MP Commands

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Status Commands[edit]

CL Console history
CP* Display partition cell assignments
DF Display Field Replaceable Unit ID
IO* Display 10 chassis/cell connectivity
LS LAN status
MS Status of the modem
PS Power management module status
SL Status Logs
SR Display all firmware revisions
SS System's processor status
SYSREV* Display revisions of all firmware entities in the complex.
VFP Virtual front panel display

Service and Control Commands[edit]

BO* Boot a partition
MFG* Enter the manufacturing mode. Quit with qmm of with this command
MR Modem reset
PC Remote power control
PCIOLAD* Activate/Deactivate a PCI card.
PE* Power entities on or off
RR* Reset a partition for reconfiguration
RS System reset from RST signal
TC Transfer of control; system reset through INIT signal
VM* Margin the voltage in a cabinet

General MP Configuration Commands[edit]

AC Alert display configuration
BP Reset BMC password
CE Log a chassis code in the MP chassis code history buffer
CG Generate RSA key pair of Self Signed Certificate
CT Configure tracing into MP firmware
DATE* Set the time and date
DC Default configuration
EX Exit frbm the MP command mode
HE Prints a Help menu
IT Modify MP inactivity timeout
LOC Locator LED
OT Disable over temperature control
PR Power Restore Policy Configuration
RB BMC reset through Toggle GPIO pin
SDM Set display mode (hex or text)
SO Security options and access control
VT View trace buffer
XD MP diagnostics and reset
XU Upgrade the MP firmware
ZCTGNAYOR Clear GSP NVM at your own risk
ZDTPMT Dump the GSP internal postmortem trace

MP Port Configuration Commands[edit]

CA Configure serial port parameters
DL* Disable Lan console access
EL Enable LAN access options: telnet and web permissions
ER Enable remote; modem access configurations
LC Configure the LAN
ND* Enable/Disable Network Diagnostics
PG Configure paging
CO Return to the redirected console mode
CSP Connect to another service processor
DI Disconnect remote or LAN connection
SE Activate a system session on locator remote port
TE Send message to other user
WHO Display a list of connected users

MP Complex Profile Commands[edit]

AR* Configure the Automatic System Restart
CC* Initiate a Complex Configuration
CP* Display partition cell assignments
ID* Change certain stable complex configuration profile fields
I0* Display 10 chassis/cell connectivity
PARPERM* Enable/Disable Partition Reconfiguration
PD* Modify default Partition for this login, session.
RL* Rekey Complex Profile Lock

Manufacturing Mode Commands[edit]

CM* Modify clock margin
GSPMFG Enter the manufacturing mode
GSPQMM Quit the manufacturing mode
MFG Enter (Exit*) the manufacturing mode
QMM Quit the manufacturing mode
RD* Read utility processor memory

BCM/CLI Commands[edit]

[Esc] to access
[Esc]-[Q] to quit

c change password
fpl read forward progress log
i send any IPMI message
ipmi used to change parameters like product id
loc 0,1 locator LED control
p 0,1 system power control
rs reset system through RST signal
sd read SDR repository
se read System Event Log
RU* Reset MP bus device
WF* Write FRU ID data of an entity
WR* Write utility processor memory