Motivational Value System

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The 7 Motivational Value Systems (tm)

Motivational Value System Valued Relating Style Rewarding Environment
MVS Blue Altruistic Nurturing.jpg Being open and responsive to the needs of others... Seeking ways to bring help to others... Trying to make life easier for others... Trying to avoid being a burden to others... Ensuring others reach their potential... Ensuring others are valued... Defending the rights of others Open, friendly, helpful, considerate, supportive, enhancing, trusting, socially sensitive, sincere, loyal, compassionate, respectful, humanitarian... Being needed... Being appreciated
MVS Red Assertive Directing.jpg Competing for authority, responsibility and positions of leadership... Exercising persuasion... Being alert to opportunity... Claiming the right to earned rewards... Striving for immediate action... Accepting challenges... Accepting risk-taking as necessary and desirable... Demonstrating competitiveness Progressive, innovative, evocative, challenging, fast-moving, stimulating, competitive, creative... New levels of opportunity... Potential for personal advancement and development... Personal material rewards available... Potential for winning... Verbally stimulating... Self-projection
MVS Green Analytic Autonomizing.jpg Being objective... Being right... Being principled... Being in control of one's emotions... Being practical... Being cautious and thorough... Being fair... Being resolute... Being serious... Being their own "judge and jury"... Being their "own person"... Thinking things through before acting Clarity, logic, precision, utility, durability, efficiency, reliability, organized... Self-reliance, individualism, self-dependence... Effective use of resources... Individual decision making... Clear, supportable, authentic criteria for decision making... Time to explore options... Opportunity for economy... Researched recommendations
MVS Hub Flexible Cohering.jpg Being curious about what others think and feel... Being open minded and willing to adapt... Experiments with different ways of acting... Proud to be a "member"... Likes to know a lot of people... Likes to be known by a lot of people... Likes to be known as flexible Friendly, involving, sociable, democratic, playful, changing, flexible... Encouraging interaction... Being heard and listening... Sensitivity to feelings... Consensus-building
MVS Red Blue Assertive Nurturing.jpg Actively seeking opportunities to help others... Persuading others to ensure maximum growth and development of others... Being open to proposals for creating welfare and security for others... Creating enthusiasm and support in tackling obstacles to success Openness, mentoring, enthusiastic, friendliness, sincerity, trust, compassion... Respect for others... Supporting the underdog... Positive, progressive initiatives for the growth and development of others
MVS Judicious Competing.jpg Providing rational leadership that can assess risks and opportunities... Being decisive and proactive when all the facts are in... Challenging opposition through thoughtful process and strategy Strategic, determined, planning... Complex, challenging tasks requiring expertise... Environment that offers recognition for achievement... Availability of technical resources... Opportunities to lead and to develop winning strategies
MVS Blue Green Cautious Supporting.jpg Building effective processes and resources to protect or enhance welfare of others... Offering assistance for greater self-sufficiency and independence... Supporting activities that lead to growth... Fighting for principles that are fair Conscientious, patient, congenial... Environment that respects individuals, fairness, and resources... Opportunities to encourage growth, independence, and bring forth the best in others... Tasks that require thoughtful analysis to aid those in need

Points of Comparison Between Patterns of Motivation 1

Motivational Value System You feel best about what you are doing when you are... You feel most rewarded by others when they treat you as a... You identify with and feel most at ease with people who... You are attracted to and intrigued by others who are...
MVS Blue Altruistic Nurturing.jpg being helpful in some way to others who can genuinely benefit from your help. warm and friendly person who wants to be of help and who is deserving of thanks and appreciation for giving help. clearly care for the feelings, the needs, and the welfare of others. strong and know exactly what they want to do and wanr you to be included in their activities and successes.
MVS Red Assertive Directing.jpg in the position of providing leadership and are able to set the goals for and direct the actions of others. strong and ambitious person, a winner, and one who is deserving of the opportunity to provide leadership and direction. clearly understand the productivity behind the exercise of power, control, and competition. generous and responsive to you and who want to help you achieve your ambitions and your successes.
MVS Green Analytic Autonomizing.jpg able to pursue your own interests in a self-reliant way without having to take direction or help from those around you. clear, logical and analytic person who is deserving of respect for dealing with others fairly and for being a person of principle. clearly respect the integrity of others and the rights of others to determine their own courses of action. open and explicit about what they want and how they feel, without imposing their wants or feelings on you.
MVS Hub Flexible Cohering.jpg able to coordinate your efforts with others in some common undertaking that involves closeness, clear lines of authority, and opportunity for self-reliance. good team member who knows how to be a loyal follower, knows how to exercise authority, and knows when to follow the rules and when to use judgment. clearly are flexible in their behavior and readily able to adapt to whatever the situation calls for. generous in their help; who are strong and want you on their team; who are quite patient and don't lose their heads.
MVS Red Blue Assertive Nurturing.jpg in a position to be genuinely helpful through your leadership, and are able to direct others for their own benefit. strong and friendly person deserving of recognition and appreciation, and the opportunity to lead others for their betterment. clearly understand the compassionate use of power, and the need to act promptly in matters affecting other people's welfare. strong and decisive and know exactly what they want to do, and who ask for your support without imposing on you.
MVS Judicious Competing.jpg in a position to compete using your own judgment, and to direct others in an impartial and efficient manner. strong and principled person, deserving of recognition and respect, and the opportunity to provide competitive and rational leadership. clearly understand the rational use of power, and the need to act promptly and judiciously in matters affecting your competitive edge. supportive and loyal to you and who will help you, without hesitation or qualification, to attain success.
MVS Blue Green Cautious Supporting.jpg able to nurture the growth of another person's self-reliance through your analysis of their needs. warm and principled person who combines compassion and intellect into enlightened guidance for others. clearly understand the employment of both feelings and reason to better the welfare and independence of others. thoughtful and respectful of you and your goals and who are cautious and thorough in whatever they undertake on your behalf.

Points of Comparison Between Patterns of Motivation 2

Ideally, you would like to be... Ideally, you would like to avoid ever being... You feel distant from and somewhat contemptuous of people who... You feel discomfort from people who...
MVS Blue Altruistic Nurturing.jpg more assertive and less fearful of pushing for your own rights and wants; more capable of saying "No" to people who impose on you. a selfish person or one who is cold and unfeeling about others. constantly compete with and try to take advantage of others; are cold and unresponsive to gestures of friendliness. treat you with anger and hostility, tell you to "go mind your own business," or are slow to recognize your efforts to promote their welfare.
MVS Red Assertive Directing.jpg more considerate of other people's feelings and rights; more given to thinking things through before committing yourself to a course of action. a gullible person or a person who is indecisive and unable to act. constantly lose out and don't stand up for themselves; have a shell of reserve around them that you just can't penetrate. are all-forgiving and never fight back; don't let you know what they expect as rewards from you and then withdraw their loyalty or betray you.
MVS Green Analytic Autonomizing.jpg more trusting of others and more open to them; less reserved about asserting your rights and wishes. an overly emotional person or one who is exploitative of others. never seem to take anything seriously; try to push their help on you or try to push you to do things their way. accuse you of being opportunistic and unprincipled; push their help on you when you don't want it.
MVS Hub Flexible Cohering.jpg a well-rounded person capable of complete flexibility in behavior. subservient to others, domineering over others, and/or isolated from others. are outsiders and who reject membership in your group's efforts or withhold support for your group's efforts. commit themselves to the group effort and then let the group down by failing to live up to their commitments.
MVS Red Blue Assertive Nurturing.jpg more contemplative and analytical in your decisions and more tenacious and prudent in pursuing your goals. exploitative or inconsiderate of others or brazen and superficial in your interpersonal relations. refuse to get involved; fear making a decision; are concerned with their needs to the exclusion of the needs of others. treat you with indifference; ignore you; accuse you of exploiting people.
MVS Judicious Competing.jpg more trusting and helpful with others and more open about your goals. an impulsive or emotional person, or one without order and purpose in your life. constantly lose out; lack self-reliance; are impetuous; are gullible and emotional. treat you with passivity or with ignorance, or accuse you of mindless aggression.
MVS Blue Green Cautious Supporting.jpg more assertive about your wants and more decisive about your actions. isolated from others, or indecisive in matters affecting their welfare. are braggarts and meddlers, and who presume upon and compete with others. treat you with anger or disdain, or accuse you of fostering childlike dependence.

MVS Managing Strengths

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Conflict Sequences

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Observable Behavior in Conflict

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