Never a memory

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While your walk away,
Not sure if anger or disdain,
In my mind yours words I ponder,
With shock and absolute wonder:
"You are the first and will be the last"
Is everything gone in a single blast?
How bad have I lived,
To be stave and left to bleed?
Once the source of pleasure,
Now discarded as a fake treasure!
What have I done,
To deserve been left alone?
But how evident is now my faults!
It was my whole nature and in my soul!
'Cos I've born a man,
Neither a angel or a god!
A sad true I have discovered,
An angel eternal hug I couldn't offer.
'Cos I've always knew I born a man,
neither a angel or a god!
Have I been left with what I started,
A scorched heart, a scarred soul?
Will I become just a lost memoir?
(As her words have daily threat)
NO! I resist believing those tempting lies,
That pretends to sweet all this pain and sorrow,
Renew'd strength I found and borrow!
Because if something shows me
these cries, rambles and tears,
Is how deeply
I love thee!
You could, you should, you must!
From the halls of the Red God return!
Here I'll wait, and when you came,
I'll hold your hand and show a smile.
If I don't see you across the flaming gate,
Hell itself I should instigate,
I’ll cross the bridge and fought you back!
Wait and see,
Behind of you I'll be.
'Cos victory may be uncertain,
And my demise what destiny have in store,
But you will never become a memory
Never a memory…

by Alejandro Marin