Sendmail Patch Fails to Install Causing Other Patches that Depend on it to Fail

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The following document details problem encounter install HP-UX standard patch bundles or individual patches when the Special Releases of Sendmail is installed on the system. The typical error message looks like:

====== 09/09/08 14:21:50 EDT BEGIN install AGENT SESSION (pid=23956)
* Agent session started for user "root@camxis01 <mailto:root@camxis01>". (pid=23956) 
* Beginning Analysis Phase.
* Source: camxis01:/hppatch/patch/PHNE_35950.depot
* Target: camxis01:/
* Target logfile: camxis01:/var/adm/sw/swagent.log
* Reading source for product information.
NOTE: The filesystems in the filesystem table will not be checked
against those currently mounted because the
"mount_all_filesystems" option is set to "false".
* Reading source for file information.
NOTE: /usr/sbin/sendmail has been replaced by a softlink
to another file. This may be due to a version of
the " sendmail(1m) 811 special release upgrade "
product being enabled on the system.
PHNE_35950 cannot be installed until newer versions
of sendmail are disabled.
NOTE: The "checkinstall" script for "PHNE_35950" gave an "exclude"
return (exit code "3"). The script location was
NOTE: This software will be excluded from further processing.
* Executing preDSA command. 
* Summary of Analysis Phase:
* 2 of 2 filesets will be Skipped.
* The Analysis Phase succeeded. 

======= 09/09/08 14:21:59 EDT END install AGENT SESSION (Cancelled)
(pid=23956) (jobid=camxis01-0048)


To resolve the issue, Sendmail 8.13.3 must be removed before the patch can be installed. Then the patch bundle will be able to be installed. Sendmail 8.13.3 then can be reinstalled.

  • Note: It is suggested that a backup of sendmail configuration file /etc/mail/ be made before removing Sendmail.


1. Check what special release of Sendmail is installed on your system.

# swlist -l fileset | grep sendmail
PHNE_29774            1.0            sendmail(1m) 8.9.3 patch
SMAIL-UPGRADE         B. sendmail(1m) 813 special release upgrade

2. Obtained latest sendmail 8.13.3 release version at

3. Backup Sendmail configuration file.

# cp /etc/mail/ /var/tmp/

3. Remove Sendmail special release and any related patches for that product.

# xwremove \
-x mount_all_filesystems=false \
-x enforce_dependencies=false \

4. Install any patch bundle or set of patches that generated the error message, for example, the HP-UX 11.11 PHNE_35950.

5. Install Sendmail 8.13.3 from your the depot download on step 1.

# swinstall -x mount_all_filesystems=false \
-x enforce_dependencies=false \
-s <source_to_sendmail_upgrade_release> \* @

6. Recover sendmail configuration file.

# cp /var/tmp/ /etc/mail/
  • Note: Sendmail service doesn't require a restart.


  • SAW: emr_na-c01424674-1 - Sendmail Patch Fails to Install Causing Other Patches that Depend on it to Fail
  • WFM Case: 3603173851