USB tape support

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Ignite-UX don't support recovering from USB tape drives.

According to the latest "Ignite-UX Installation Booting" whitepaper (5992-527, p. 12), the only supported interfaces for recovery are Parallel SCSI, SAS and FC.

On previous versions of the manual, like (5992-4825, p. 14) list of tested tables was provided. The "StorageWorks DAT 72" and the "StorageWorks DAT 160" don't work neither for direct tape boot or two-step media recovery.

Additionaly, for example, The "HP StorageWorks DAT USB Tape Drives User Guide" (p. 14) states that Only Windows and Linux Operating System are supported.

There is an error nonetheless that may confuse customers, the public software compatibility table saids that the tape unit is supported on 11i v2 (11.23) for Integrity.

This information in no accurate. Using USB DAT Tape devices like the Storageworks DAT72 and DAT160 is not recommended for Ignite-UX tape backups. Even if installating the latest HWEnable patch bundles for 11i v2 to access the tape drive will provide read and write access to the tape, the unit will be useless to restore the system unless you found a parallel SCSI unit to perform the booting or two-step recovery process.

The available options are:

  1. Using an Ignite-UX server.
  2. Adding a parallel SCSI HBA to the system for use with a parallel tape device
  3. Create bootable DVD images (limited to 3+ GB backup).