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Licensed electricians are the only ones that must be hired for this service to make sure that the wiring system just isn't flawed and can't easily be tampered with. Hard-wiring a dishwasher means that the dishwasher is connected on to the electrical system of the house or constructing. John Smith, Chief Clerk to House of Assembly, Bahamas. John Maurice Cahill Wheeler, Deputy Superintendent, Federation of Malaya Police Force. Edwin Hart Nurse, Deputy Government Chemist. Charles Henry Clark, Deputy Chairman, Lancashire Agricultural Executive Committee. Alderman John Valentine Allen, JP, Deputy Chairman, Westmorland Agricultural Executive Committee. John Boyd Getty. Lately Chairman, Agricultural Wages Board for Northern Ireland. Harry Vernon Witham, Higher Collector, Southampton, Board of Customs & Excise. Edward James Augustus Engleback, Principal Inspector, Board of Customs & Excise. Robert John Roddick, Inspector of Taxes, Board of Inland Revenue. Air Vice-Marshal John René Whitley, CB, CBE, DSO, AFC. Clifford George Jarrett, CB, CBE, Deputy Secretary, Admiralty. William Edward Coles, Deputy Director of Audit, Exchequer and Audit Department. Group Captain Jack William Charles Black, Royal Australian Air Force.

Reginald Charles Ashman, MBE, Vice Chairman, Bristol Savings Committee. Raymond Bailey Darby, MBE, Chairman, Croydon Savings Committee. David Arthur Richards, Chairman, 24 hour electrician bristol Flint Agricultural Executive Committee. Alderman David Plinston, Chairman, Warrington Local Employment Committee. George Herbert Dowty, Chairman, Cheltenham & North Gloucestershire Disablement Advisory Committee. Thomas George William Boxall, Head of Research Department, London Brick Co. Ltd. Frank Pearson, Manager, Heavy Duty Cooking Apparatus Department, Wm. Doris Winifred Pearson, MBE, Assistant Secretary, British Academy. Bertha Mary Grainger, MBE, Principal, Ministry of Labour & National Service. John Thomas Daye, Foreman Pests Operator, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food. 1366944 Acting Flight Sergeant John Arthur. Acting Commander Horace Benjamin Webb. Lieutenant-Colonel (appearing) Arthur Field, MC, ERD, TD (66997), Combined Cadet Force. Brevet and Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Norman Samuel Wheeler (66180), The Royal Ulster Rifles. Lieutenant-Colonel (temporary) (now Major) Peter Alfred Lincoln Vaux (73202), Royal Tank Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps. Lieutenant-Colonel (non permanent) Eric John Burnet (191727), Royal Army Pay Corps. Lieutenant-Colonel the Honourable Christopher John Beckett (64074), ninth Queen's Royal Lancers, Royal Armoured Corps. Lieutenant-Colonel (Technical Officer, Telecommunications) Eric Gordon Brice (163447), Royal Corps of Signals. Staff-Sergeant William Alfred Sawyer (5/9023), Royal Australian Infantry Corps. Instructor Commander Denis William Lacey. Commander William Sidney Graham Edward, (Ret'd).

William Alfred Brand. For public services within the State of Queensland, especially to the sugar trade. For providers to Education within the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. For services to schooling in Sierra Leone. Herbert Horton, Smallholder, Saltfleet, Lincolnshire, For services in the course of the recent floods within the Eastern Counties. Herbert Wesley Hart, MBE, Chief Executive Officer, Commonwealth Relations Office. Lieutenant-Colonel Myrddin Jones, MBE, TD (64064), Royal Regiment of Artillery, Territorial Army. Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Stewart Palliser Dawson (53629), Royal Regiment of Artillery. Captain Howard Douglas Gausden, DSO, Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service. Douglas Tremayne Waring. For public companies in the Federation of Malaya. For political and public providers in Smethwick. Margaret Robertson Mackenzie. For public services within the Federation of Malaya. For political and public providers in Staffordshire and Worcestershire. Frank Holmes Christie. For public companies in the Bahamas. For public services in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. Edward Ernest Wren-Hilton. For political and public services in Lancashire. Winifred Palmour, JP. For political and public services in Preston.

Emilienne Rochecouste. For public providers in Mauritius. For providers in Workington, Cumberland. Gertrude Hasell. For political and public services in Cumberland. For providers to farming in Scotland. Commander Charles Skinner Bushe, Royal Navy (Retd.) For public services in Trinidad. Charles Skinner Hallpike, MB, FRCP, Director, Otological Research Unit, Medical Research Council. Conrad Hal Waddington, Honorary Director, Agricultural Research Council Unit of Animal Genetics; Buchanan Professor of Animal Genetics, University of Edinburgh. Lately Director, British Baking Industries Research Association. Seton Howard Frederick Lloyd, OBE, Director, British Institute of Archaeology, Ankara. Frederick Sidney Snow, OBE, Consulting Engineer. Eric Gardner Thorp, Borough Engineer and Surveyor, Slough. Edward Robert Cowper Gallop, Chairman of the Housing Commission, State of new South Wales. Alderman Thomas Hollins, OBE, Member (recently Chairman), Staffordshire Agricultural Executive Committee. John Hatton, Chairman, Bath Disablement Advisory Committee. Frank Berti Lydall, Chairman, Dewsbury, Batley, Wakefield and Mirfield District Advisory Committee of the East and West Ridings Regional Board for Industry. Sydney Henry Levine, Assistant Secretary, Board of Trade. William Lumsden Walker, Assistant Secretary, Scottish Home Department. William Arnold Knight, Oversea Audit Service, Director of Audit, British Guiana. Robert Wilson Chaytor, Engine-room Storekeeper Pumpman, MV British Faith, BP Tanker Co. Ltd. William Edgar Cone, Technical Adviser, British Road Tar Association.