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This category covers standard and propietary backup commands used on the HP-UX Operating Environment. Additionally, performance and configuration problems that may impact backup command are also discussed.

The purpose of a backup system is to lessen the risk of lossing valuable data. The articles under this category promotes that goal by standardizing the procedures associated with performing backups. It is not a substitute or a replacement of the documentation on the details of the backup software. It is also assumed that the reader has a basic understanding of backups under UNIX in general and HP-UX in particular.

Backups should not be a substitute for good information security practices. They are a way to lessen the risk of loss even when good practices fail. They reduce the effects of data loss by providing a point at which the last good copy can be retrieved. It should be noted that the backup system is meant to protect data directly. It pursues to protect data from loss due to multiple causes: user error, filesystem corruption, hardware failure, fire, theft, destruction, and environmental problems are all circumstances were backup constitute an important lice of defense.