How to collect Service Guard information

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Following is a list of basic information that que be retrieve of system that ios running ServiceGuard to start troubleshooting.

<bash> swlist -l product | grep -i serviceguard </bash>


swlist -l product | grep -i serviceguard
  ASGV7                 A.02.00        HP Serviceguard Cluster File System for RAC
  SG-Apache-Tool        B.04.01        Serviceguard Apache Script Templates
  SG-NMAPI              A.11.18.00     SG-NMAPI Serviceguard Extension for RAC SD product
  SG-Oracle-Tool        B.04.01        Serviceguard Oracle Script Templates
  SG-RAC-Tool           A.11.18.00     Serviceguard Extension for RAC Toolkit SD Product
  SG-Samba-Tool         B.04.01        Serviceguard Samba Script Templates
  SG-Tomcat-Tool        B.04.01        Serviceguard Tomcat Script Templates
  SGManagerPI           B.01.01        HP Serviceguard Manager
  SGWBEMProviders       A.02.00.00     HP Serviceguard WBEM Providers SD Product
  ServiceGuard          A.11.18.00     Serviceguard SD Product
# grep hacl /etc/inetd.conf


hacl-cfg    dgram   udp    wait    root  /usr/lbin/cmclconfd cmclconfd -p
hacl-cfg    stream  tcp    nowait  root  /usr/lbin/cmclconfd cmclconfd -c
hacl-probe  stream  tcp    nowait  root  /opt/cmom/lbin/cmomd /opt/cmom/lbin/cmomd -f /var/opt/cmom/cmomd.log -r /var/opt/cmom