How to recreate WBEM namespaces under /var/opt/wbem/repository?

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Some times is necessary to recreate a namespace under repository directory for wbem. Editing this directory manually is not recommended but sometimes is necessary. You can follow the steps to recreate the repository, to recreate the regular namespaces, that are created when you install WBEM Services, but there are other namespaces that are created when you install other Providers, for example, NparProvider, VparProvider, HPVM Provider, etc.

Here are the steps:

1. Make a backup of your current repository by copying it to another directory:

# cp /var/opt/wbem/repository /var/opt/wbem/repository.bak 

2. Move the namespace of the problematic provider, example npar:

# mv /var/opt/wbem/repository/root#cimv2#npar /var/tmp/root#cimv2#npar.bak

3. Re-install the Provider associated to the namespace:

# swinstall -x reinstall=true -x reinstall_files=true -s <fullpathtodepot> \*

This should recreate the namespace correctly and fix the repository.